Hip-Hop Collective BROCKHAMPTON Share Must Hear New Album ‘SATURATION III’


Hip-hop group BROCKHAMPTON have had an amazing 2017, but they're not done yet – they have just released SATURATION III, their third album of the year. 

The third and final album in the Saturation trilogy opens up with the explosive "BOOGIE" and keeps that momentum going for its duration. The leader of the self-proclaimed boyband, Kevin Abstract, shines as always – but the rest of the group's many members meet that high standard he sets. Romil, Jabari, and Kiko, the three members that handle most of the production, have improved on their quality beats from SATURATION I & II and the chemistry between all of them sounds stronger than ever. 

BROCKHAMPTON are gearing up for their second-ever tour that starts next month, and have already announced a new album entitled Team Effort that will be out sometime next year. This album is an incredible way for them to close the year, and we have no doubt they'll continue their huge success next year. Enjoy!