Broke For Free Jams Effortlessly on Groovy Lofi Instrumental “GOMO”


California-based producer Broke For Free is a talented instrumentalist that infuses a little bit of rock with easygoing, funky, electronic sounds. Following his single “TTS” that dropped in April, he’s back with another taste of his upcoming album YEKOMS with the song “GOMO”. It’s a vibey, chord-infused chillwave track that is sure to have you effortlessly swaying along.

“GOMO” has such a full sound, featuring a few striking elements. There are flowing guitar licks that carry the song and create a steady tempo, and the backtrack has a bit of a folk meets surf-pop atmosphere to it. Everything comes together to form an upbeat, ambient indie diddy. There’s also a cheesy yet delightful music video for the song that uses stock videos of people dancing and enjoying themselves.

Take a listen to the single below, and keep your eyes peeled for the full album’s release on June 22. Enjoy!

Broke For Free – GOMO