Broke For Free Shares Intricate New Instrumental Album ‘YEKOMS’


Broke For Free is one of our favorite new artists we’ve discovered this year. We came across the multi-faceted Bay Area based artist earlier this month when he shared his single “GOMO.” Now, he’s delivered YEKOMS, his fifth studio album (dating back to 2014), and it’s a brilliantly tailored project that focuses on delicate instrumental grooves, while also masterfully placing bits of electronic music.

We couldn’t even begin to list the names of all the different instruments we hear on this album. They all mesh together delightfully, however, and the every now-and-again synthesizer adds just the right amount of bite to this production. The extraordinary arrangements on YEKOMS will keep you on your toes as well, as you never really know what’s hiding out around the next turn.

According to Broke For Free, this album was created during the California wildfires last year, where his apartment and equipment were doused with smoke and ash everyday. Hence the play on the word “smokey.”

You can give Broke For Free’s latest album, YEKOMS, a rinse below. Enjoy!

Broke For Free – YEKOMS