Burney Gets Groovy with New Single “Crazy Enough”


Today, rising UK artist, Burney, makes his TSIS debut with his soulful new single, “Crazy Enough.” The track marks the beginning of a crazy year ahead for the British rapper, with a long string of releases in store for 2023.

Piano and guitar chords blend in unison, creating a soulful bed for Burney’s voice to lay upon. Speaking on “the highs and lows experienced by every young man aiming to outgrow the suburbs,” Burney leans into his emotion, flawlessly articulating deep topics into rhythmic verses.

Burney shared his thoughts on the single, commenting:

Crazy enough is about dating again after leaving a toxic relationship. I wrote it from the perspective of living self destructively after being at a constant boiling point and wondering if new love would ever make me feel the same way, despite it being bad for me. It’s over a jazzy hip-hop beat and is filled with flawed self assurance, reflecting my state of mind during the time I wrote it. I wanted this song to translate well to a live setting, and collaborated with Jon Cass (prod.), Ross Barnes (keys) and Will Wormald (guitar) to bring that vision to life.

You can stream “Crazy Enough” at the link below. Enjoy!

Burney – Crazy Enough