Burning Man Looks To Expand Attendance To 100,000


As far as the U.S. festival circuit is concerned, there’s nothing quite like the temporarily erected city that is Burning Man. The yearly gathering is by no means your typical festival and is a one-of-a-kind experience centered around community music and art. “Burners” gather for a week-long celebration in which they build a multitude of creations including massive, towering wooden sculptures that are burned in ceremony to conclude the gathering.

With the unique experience and world class music, it’s no wonder the fest has to utilize a lottery system for ticket sales. But the fest may need to make a major change in their organization as a momentous expansion may be on the horizon.

The festival, which takes place 100 mile north of Reno in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, is currently up for its 10-year renewal by the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

With the renewal comes a proposal from Burning Man organizers – to raise their attendance cap to 100,000 and add 500+ acres of extra land to be closed off during the week-long yearly event. Currently capped at 68,000 participants, when considering all who actually attend the event (including volunteers, vendors and government officials), the fest attracts closer to 80,000 people yearly. 

Having only grown bigger and better ever since moving to the Nevada in 1990, with ticket prices up to $1,000, Burning Man continues to sell out year after year. While this expansion, for the fest, would mean a substantial increase of art pieces, themed art camps, and art cars/modified vehicles, we’re hoping it will also mean easier ticket access for their steadily growing global audience as one of the biggest festivals.