Bwreath’s Talent Glistens On Synth-Laden Lo-Fi Single “Love Triangle”


We love when artists don’t try to pigeonhole themselves to fit into a genre, and instead chase a certain vibe or feeling and let the sound speak for itself. That is exactly how Indian producer Bwreath makes his music: with the simple goal of creating a melody that has movement. His style is sure to captivate fans of Flume and Slow Magic, and it’s on full display in his latest single, “Love Triangle”.

This synth-savvy track is saturated in ethereal lo-fi goodness. It’s chill and reserved, yet at the same time bursting with life and sound. Between the pattering drums, the shimmering chords, and the airy vocals, “Love Triangle” has an infectious melody and an atmosphere that feels comforting and transformative. 

You can listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Bwreath – Love Triangle