C∆IRNS Finds Indie-Pop Bliss On New Single, “Humpback”


As the summer starts winding down, we’re trying to enjoy every last bit of sunshine we get out of each day. The right song can provide all the inspiration needed to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, and the latest single, “Humpback,” from Minneapolis based artist, C∆IRNS, is sure to provide you with the most pristine sunset vibes we’ve heard all week.

Elastic synths pair nicely with plucking strings while crooning vocals recall a longing tune with the use of some cheeky whale-inspired metaphor. A purposeful drum kit and free flowing bass line keep the energy at a perfectly untroubled pace, allowing listeners to float right along without a second thought.

While we might not know a lot about aquatic mammalian communication, you don’t have to be a marine biologist to know that this is one sweet whale song. We’ll be streaming C∆IRNS’ new single, “Humpback,” all afternoon and you can too by pushing play below. Enjoy!

C∆IRNS – Humpback