C.Shreve The Professor Sends Uplifting Message On Jazzy Hip-Hop Single “Let It Go”


C.Shreve The Professor is the North Carolina-based MC and founder of the hip-hop collective Free The Optimus. The Professor moniker references his 12 year career as a university professor and is also part of his rap ethos: to profess & to teach. Since 2012, C.Shreve and his collective have been helping define North Carolina underground music and setting the bar for hip-hop in the live space. Today, he’s making his TSIS debut with his latest single “Let It Go.”

“Let It Go” is an old-school boom-bap styled offering that features a jazzy production with just the right amount of soul. C.Shreve flows effortlessly while reminiscing on previous stripes earned but emphasizing letting things go to progress and move forward. This kind of lyrical conscious hip-hop is a refreshing reminder that poetry and positivity still pulse through the veins of modern rap music.

Stream “Let It Go” below and enjoy!

C.Shreve The Professor – Let It Go