Real Sick Chill Hip-Hop/Pop: Cam Meekins – Just Like You


There are a lot of new up and coming rappers making their debut in the past year. And through the mess of not so talented new comers there are a couple gems, and today I've got one of the best. Cam Meekins is making his name out of Boston, and he is siiiick. He had sent me tracks for a couple weeks and for some reason I was a little hesitant, but once I checked out his music I was floored. I told him I was going to do a feature about it, and he insisted that I wait for this new track he was working on. I am very glad I did wait, because this track 'Just Like You' is fire. It's got a rap/pop flavor going on similar to Sam Adams style. Give the song a good listen and I know you'll be hooked. Cam Meekins is really pushing the iTunes purchase on this song, but I also did get him to give an exclusive download link. If you can spare the dollar, I'd suggest purchasing this song via the link below, if not still download it and enjoy!

Just Like You – Cam Meekins | Purchase via iTunes |  Download

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