Cam Shaw Embodies “Toxic Vampires” on His New Alternative R&B Single


Cam Shaw is a musician from New York that sings, produces, mixes, and masters all his own stuff. The up-and-coming unsigned artist was grinding hard during the pandemic and pretty much only focused on music, and now fans get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Released this past weekend, “Toxic Vampires” is an alternative R&B song that allows Shaw to show off his eclectic array of talents as an artist.  

This twangy track is about toxic people and Cam sings in first person, playing the part of one. He starts off with floating vocals and then switches to a rap verse, as the ever-changing rhythm explores new territories. He is such a charming and charismatic musician that you almost forget he’s supposed to be the bad guy, which is symbolic of how manipulative people make their way into your life. 

You can listen to the song below, and keep your ears peeled for more singles from him in the near future. Enjoy!

Cam Shaw – Toxic Vampies