CamelPhat Team With Jake Bugg On Brilliant New House Single “Be Someone”

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CamelPhat has been one of the most successful acts in all of house music these past couple years. The duo is most known for their smash hit and GRAMMY nominated single, “Cola,” which featured one of our current favorites, Elderbrook. They’ve also had plenty of other belters that have had no problem breaking the 1,000,000+ mark on Spotify.

The English pair recently dropped yet another brilliant tune, “Be Someone,” featuring vocalist Jake Bugg. This single happens to be quite special, as it will be appearing on their debut album, which was announced last fall.

If you enjoyed “Cola,” you’ll love “Be Someone.” The two tracks are similar in the sense that they have intoxicating vocals, infectious melodies, and masterful composition overall. We wouldn’t’ be surprised if this one lands them a GRAMMY nomination as well.

Stream the brand new single “Be Someone” by CamelPhat below and enjoy!

CamelPhat – Be Someone