CAPYAC Shake & Groove On Latest Nu-Disco Single “Ooeeooeeoo”


Humanoid shapeshifters and shenanigan-loving groove maestros, CAPYAC, blur the lines between music, art, fashion, and theatrics. Dabbling in minimal techno, spy-movie theme songs, trap jazz, nu-disco, and every genre that exists where the dancefloor meets the dancer, CAPYAC makes universal music for extraterrestrial lifeforms and earth dwellers alike. The impressive duo graced us earlier this year with their nu-disco track, Simultaneous, and are back with the final single, “Ooeeooeeoo,” off their upcoming album, CAPYAC FOREVER.

“Ooeeooeeoo” is as CAPYAC as it gets. It continues the nu-disco theme and is equipped with buttery guitar licks, fantastically frenzied rhythm chops, jazzy rhythm patterns, snappy synths, and oh-so-cool vocal work. Every break and pause seems to be filled with the right amount of fun licks, riffs, and stabs to ensure there’s never a dull moment with this one.

“Ooeeooeeoo” is the final glimpse of the new album which is set to be released on Sunday, August 8th. Stream the new single below and enjoy!

CAPYAC – Ooeeooeeoo