PREMIERE | CAPYAC Pumps Out Nu-Disco Perfection On New Track “Simultaneous” 


If you think that CAPYAC’s sound is eclectic and almost indefinable, that’s for good reason. The group hails from Austin, lives in LA now, has a European influence, and works with collaborators from all walks of life. Their songs feel like so much more than just an audio track—more like an immersive piece of art—and the same is true for their new song “Simultaneous.” It’s out everywhere tomorrow, but we have an exclusive early premiere for you here.

At its base, this is a sort of French nu-disco track, with some more ambient and avant-garde elements. There is, however, little peaks of a light-hearted house-infused vibe throughout, as the sound expands and unravels more. The floating chords mixed with the soaring vocals come together to create a beautifully transformative track.

You can listen to the song and check out the music video, made by an all-female cast and crew, below. Enjoy!

CAPYAC – Simultaneous | Pre-Save