Caribou Shares Dazzling New Daphni Single “Clavicle”

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We’re getting more and more excited for Dan Snaith‘s next album. The mastermind behind one of our favorite projects, Caribou, Snaith has delivered a smooth string of singles under his Daphni moniker—the project he uses for more club-based music. Today marks the third single from the upcoming album, “Clavicle,” which follows both “Cloudy” and “Cherry.”

This new one features a crisp house shuffle and mesmerizing synth lines—similar elements to those of the previous singles. The groove is an easy one to get lost in, so grab a pair of headphones and step into a world of glimmering melodies from a playful world.

Cherry, the album, is due out this fall, October 7.

You can stream the new single “Clavicle” below. Enjoy!

Daphni – Clavicle