Catch Lungs – Awake In A Dream : Chill Hip Hop Album with Features from Blu, eLZhi, and more

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Today I've got a real sick underground sounding hip hop album from the talented Catch Lungs, based out of Denver. The 13 song album Awake In A Dream is real sick, and has some features from eLZhi, Blu, Guilty Simpson, One be Lo, FL, and Soul-Aum. With a feature list like that, you've got a recipe for success. It's got a real true hip hop sound that's typically lost these days. The production on the entire thing has a very organic sound, and doesn't dive on the electronic side, which is pretty refreshing. Check out the video to Hooliganry (Ft. One be Lo). It's got such a different sound, I dig it. Check out the tape, chill, enjoy!

Catch Lungs – Awake In A Dream (Ft. Blu) | Direct Download

Catch Lungs – This Is My Dance | Direct Download

Catch Lungs – Hello Neighbors (ft. eLZhi and Guilty Simpson) | Direct Download

Catch Lungs – Awake In A Dream Entire Album | Direct Download | Hulkshare