Catch the Rise Delivers A Downtempo Dream On “Eudaimonia”


This dreamy downtempo release comes to us from Catch the Rise, the ambient electronica endeavor of Britt Barker from South Carolina. He’s fairly new to the producing game  (and learned everything via YouTube) but we can already tell his sound is going to go far. “Eudaimonia,” his latest single that came out today via High Vibe Records, is a tranquil track that’s rich with texture and has a bittersweet backstory.

Barker shows off those self-taught composition skills here, creating an emotive rhythm that ebbs and flows. The melody is earnest and accompanied by oscillating keys and euphoric guitar riffs. Listening to it feels like an evolution of sorts, and that’s by design. “Eudaimonia” is a Greek word meaning human flourishing, and he chose this name for the track because music has been his outlet for a fulfilling life after quitting drugs almost six years ago. It’s his own beautiful sonic story of rebirth, but one that every person can find solace in and groove along to.

Take a listen to the song below. Enjoy!

Catch the Rise – Eudaimonia