Cautious Clay & Saba Are Perfectly In Sync With New Single “Strange Love”

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Cautious Clay’s debut album, Deadpan Love, is nearing its release date, and we’ve been closely following the rollout. With track’s like “Roots” and “Karma & Friends” leading the charge, the project is already sounding like some of the Cleveland artist’s best work to date. As release day inches closer, we’ve got a new taste of the album, a free flowing new tune titled, “Strange Love,” featuring Chicago heavy hitter, Saba.

It makes perfect sense that the velvet vocals of Clay would fit like a glove with Saba’s effortless conscious flow. The two deeply talented artist skate seamlessly over this track as it blurs the lines of R&B, Indie Pop, and Hip Hop in all the right ways. Cautious also keeps his reflective streak alive on this single saying:

This song is about the push and pull of identity in late capitalism. We’re constantly told we need x, y or z to let the world know who we are, inundated with information about what the latest and greatest and coolest is. I love fashion and clothes and putting them together to telegraph myself to the world, but sometimes it’s hard to separate what I like from what I’m being told to like. I think it’s a struggle lots of people can relate to.

June 25th is just three short weeks away. Here’s hoping this new single can tide us over till then, but lord knows we’re always ready for more album samples. Stream Cautious Clay’s new track, “Strange Love,” featuring Saba below. Enjoy!

Cautious Clay – Strange Love (Feat. Saba)