Listen To The Chainsmokers New Melodic Single “Inside Out” Ft. Charlee

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New York duo The Chainsmokers haven't seemed to understand how to slow down on a seemingly endless rise for the past few years. Their recent Ultra Music Festival performance blew people away in person and those watching online. Their song "Roses" is one of the most popular songs in the past year (and just went double Platinum in the US) and they've also already managed to turn out the follow up "Don't Let Me Down", in addition to dropping a new single today.

"Inside Out" features vocals from a relatively unknown Swedish singer Charlee that The Chainsmokers found through their friend Adrian Lux, they had this to say about her.

We asked him who the girl was who had been singing on a few of his records and he pointed us in the direction of Charlee. We sent Charlee a couple demo ideas and it wasn't long before we got Inside Out and we fell head over heals for her. So Charlee is from Sweden is probably the coolest, most authentic dark soul we have ever met. She oozes these types of heavy vibey lyrics. We have held this song really close though so we hope you enjoy it!

Listen to the song below and pick up your copy now. Enjoy!

The Chainsmokers – Inside Out ft. Charlee | iTunes

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