Watch Chance The Rapper’s Hilarious New Jingle For Kit Kat Bars

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Chance The Rapper is a man of many talents. For his latest endeavor, he’s teamed up with Kit Kat to create a new jingle for the candy bar company. 

For Kit Kat’s Halloween campaign, Chance appears in a full bear suit at a convenience store where he stumbles on a singing Kit Kat bar that turns out to be Chance The Wrapper, the singing candy bar. The hilarious ad has the rapper rework the famous Kit Kat jingle with a new melody and ends with him saying, "that’s a good song."

This isn't the first brand Chance has been associated with as he's also a club ambassador for the Chicago White Sox. Other rappers to rebrand major brand jingles include Pusha T and Pharrell who were behind McDonald’s iconic “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle. Enjoy!

Chance The Wrapper – Kit Kat Jingle