Chance The Rapper Shares Trippy New Puppet-Filled Music Video For “Same Drugs”


Chance The Rapper has shared a new music video for his Coloring Book track "Same Drugs". He took to Facebook live to share a new video with over a 9-minute countdown that turned out to be a new music video with an alternate version of the song. 

He sings the song while playing the piano alongside a life-size muppet character who also sings along Eryn Allen Kane’s parts. The video has a strong retro vibe throughout from the neon lighting, to the piano playing, to the quality of the film and the fact that there are Muppets in the video. He steps away from the piano and walks through the film set where each member of the crew is actually a Muppet, which fits with his live show setup that had mechanical muppets as part of the show. Enjoy!

Chance The Rapper – Same Drugs | Official Music Video