Chance The Rapper Gives Incredible Interview Ft. Unreleased Demos, Discussing Work With Kanye, Mixtapes With Childish Gambino & Jay Electronica


Chance The Rapper recently released his much anticipated, third full-length project Coloring Book, and has continued to deliver for fans since the album’s release. He hosted a “Magnificent Coloring World” event in which fans were taken on school buses to a warehouse turned into the perfect environment for a Chance-inspired listening party. Not only will Coloring Book be the first streaming-exclusive album to chart on Billboard 200, but it’s been very well-received from fans as every single lyric off the album has been tweeted, and there is even a coloring book inspired by lyrics off the album.

Zane Lowe has a knack for bringing out the best interviews from artists, and he’s done this yet again with Chance The Rapper. Chance once again shows off his maturity as he delivers a genuine interview displaying his humble, honest nature. 

Right off the bat, Chance stopped the interview to take a FaceTime call with his baby mama and said “Now I can’t remember what I was saying, she’s just so gorgeous.” 

He goes on to talk working with Kanye, including saying he turned down a deal with him but has continued to work with him and the two of them are working on a project called “Good Ass Job.” He also speaks on the vocal recording process on “All We Got” and mentions that they used the same technique “in Frank’s album.” Chance also talks on his faith and transitioning to gospel inspired music, plays some unreleased demos off Kanye’s TLOP, gives insight on the challenges of releasing free music as an independent artist, shares he might have a mixtape with Jay Electronica coming soon, and says the Childish Gambino collab mixtape will indeed see the light of day. 

 Chance Beats 1 tweet

Other topics Chance discusses are meeting Justin Beiber and his international tour launching this September. Stream the entire interview below, and check out the original version of “Waves,” “Nina Chop” and “Famous” below while you’re at it. Enjoy!