PREMIERE | Changeling, Once A Session Drummer For Conan Gray, Debuts Her First Solo EP

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At TSIS, sometimes we’re given the opportunity to debut new artists that show immense promise and potential. Today is one of those days, as we’re proud to present the first release from drummer/songwriter, Changeling. Not many artists share both a skill for drumming and songwriting, but then again, Changeling isn’t like most artists. She’s one of few that can say that they’ve played drums in sessions for artists like Conan Gray.

Changeling’s first offering is her Go Grow EP. One thing is abundantly clear upon first listen of this fanciful indie-pop project: the depth that her drumming talent adds creates a more well-rounded piece of music than we’re used to seeing for debuts. Each song sounds fulfilling and complete.

The ethereal vocals and intricate rhythms illustrate a vivid auditory experience for the listener. Not just that, but you can feel the soul and passion radiating off this entire EP. Changeling’s new EP is a triumphant debut for a brand new artist.

Check out Go Grow by Changeling below. Enjoy!

Changeling – Go Grow EP