Channel Tres Showcases His Immaculate Blend Of House & Rap With “Black Sexy Timberlake”

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If you haven’t heard of Channel Tres yet, it’s time to get him on your radar. He’s extremely fresh to the scene, and the way he blends hip-hop and house music is simply unparalleled. He does both parts too: producing his own pristine beats and laying down highly infectious flows.  

His latest track is titled “Black Sexy Timberlake,” and it’s one of our favorites from him so far. It’s funkier than ever, with a high-pitched g-funk synth that certainly pays homage to the old school Compton sound (which is where he’s from).

Channel Tres only started releasing music a year ago, but he’s come out the gates stronger than any artist we’ve seen recently. We can’t wait to see where he takes himself. Get on board. He’s got a new EP called Black Moses that’s set to drop on August 2.

Check out the video for “Black Sexy Timberlake” below enjoy!

Channel Tres – Black Sexy Timberlake