Channel Tres Shares Groovy New Single “Skate Depot,” Announces New Mixtape


We’ve got an exciting release from Compton artist Channel Tres, “Skate Depot,” the first single from his upcoming mixtape I Can’t Go Outside. It’s accompanied by a beautifully shot and fun music video of Channel rollerskating the palm tree lined streets of LA at sunset, echoing the nostalgia of the track. The song is an ode to the roller rink where he held his first job,

His unmistakable, signature sound is on display for this one: laid back vocals, clean percussion, and a groovy bassline. Like most of his tracks, this one makes you want to bob your head along and chill out to Channel’s whimsical and subtle sounds. Channel Tres’ dynamic sound and unapologetic style have seen him gaining tons of traction recently, collaborating with Disclosure on their recent album and getting his music featured in Apple commercials, in addition to launching his own Art For Their Good label. We can’t wait for his new mixtape.

Watch Channel Tres coast around the streets of LA as you listen to the soothing vibes of his genre-blending music. Enjoy!

Channel Tres – Skate Depot