Charlesthefirst, Potions, Supertask Combine as Lab Group, Drop Stacked New EP

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A brand new bass supergroup has officially reached its culmination. Lab Group, which fuses the sounds of Charlesthefirst, Potions, and Supertask, dropped their Lab Group I EP today, and this is something you need to get your ears on.

This trio represents a wave of spacey, forward-thinking, bass music, but this project isn’t simply limited to wonky bangers. With appearances from tiedye ky, and a vocal debut from Charlesthefirst as hawk., Lab Group I displays the versatility and depth that these artists are capable of. The bangers are there though, and the sound design is sounding as fresh as ever.

Along with Charles, Potions, and Supertask, Lab Group I also features collaborations with Tsuruda and Player Dave, two more artists that consistently deliver cutting edge sounds.

You can stream Lab Group I below. Enjoy!

Lab Group – Lab Group I EP