Chet Faker Shares New Single “Feel Good” Ahead of New Album

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Over the past several months, Nick Murphy has revived his Chet Faker alias and has been delivering a string of amazing new singles—all of which will be leading up to his first Chet Faker album in seven years, Hotel Surrender. Today, he shared the third single, “Feel Good,” perhaps the most electronically infused of the bunch.

So far, this has been our favorite comeback as of recent. Each one of these singles has been an effortless low-key grooves imbued with positive, wholesome messages. “Feel Good,” with it’s dancey, electronic 4×4 rhythm and beaming performance from Chet, might be our favorite so far.

You can stream “Feel Good” below. Be on the lookout for Hotel Surrender which drops on July 16. Enjoy!

Chet Faker – Feel Good