Chet Porter Delivers Impressive Remix Of Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive”


Toronto producer Chet Porter has remixed Louis The Child’s track “Love Is Alive” into an incredibly uplifting and easygoing tune. Chet Porter has seen rapid growth since his breakout single as “Stay” dropped via Foreign Family in 2016.  Chet Porter showcases the same cinematic and bright sound on his “Love Is Alive” remix, which compliments Elohim’s original vocals super nicely.

“First off, I love the [original] song. It's so brilliant and catchy and well produced. Even before I remixed it I'd play it in my live sets. Now I play the original and then transition into my version. Beyond all that, Louis The Child and Elohim are both good friends of mine, so it just made sense and it was really enjoyable to work on. Super glad I had the opportunity to remix it.” – Chet Porter 

The track gives off happy vibes right away with angelic pads, bright leads and uplifting piano. It then breaks down with Elohim’s original vocals which are highlighted with minimal percussion accents. From there, the remix builds energy with underlying bass, consistent drums alongside the infectious chorus. All of the tracks shimmering elements finally come together to create and cinematic and emotional climax that Chet Porter does so well… See tour dates below and enjoy!

Louis The Child – Love Is Alive (Chet Porter Remix)

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