A Childish Gambino Album Titled ‘Awaken My Love’ Is Reportedly Dropping In December


Update: The Amazon link is now down, but see a screenshot below.

It looks like there may be Childish Gambino album dropping next month! According to Amazon, the album is titled Awaken My Love and is now available for pre-order. The release date listed is Dec. 2! 

Donald Glover recently premiered a new LP at his PHAROS festival, but what remains unclear is what this mysterious album available for pre-order on Amazon will be. Perhaps it will be the project he debuted at PHAROS?

It’s amazing that he was able to find time to record an album this year as he's been hard at work on his film career. Glover has stayed busy with his FX show Atlanta, as well as his upcoming roles in Spiderman and the 2018 Hans Solo Star Wars movie. He was also able to find time to organize and be the sole performer at his own festival this past September. Keep an eye out for an announcement and enjoy! 
Childish Gambino Pre Order