Childish Gambino Launches Mysterious Website & App With Countdown


Donald Glover is a busy, busy man. With his own television series Atlanta on the way and a new announcement revealing plans for the man of many talents to join the cast of the new Spider Man: Homecoming movie.

On top of all this, the actor, director, comedian, producer, and rapper has launched a mysterious new website with only a logo and links to a mobile app. Once downloaded, the app is simply a video graphic of traveling through space with a countdown that’s confusing because it goes all the way down to fractions of a second. It looks like there’s 23 hours left on the countdown…

This has us thinking Donald might have music for us because his Childish Gambino website redirects to the new Pharos site. Also, some deleted tweets from vocalist Aaron M Gutierrez revealed that there is indeed an album on the way. While everything about this new mysterious website is still speculation, it would be a very nice treat if new music arrived as soon as tomorrow.


Childish News

(screenshot taken from Fader)

This is the app as of now:


Childish App