Donald Glover Confirmed To Be In Next Spider-Man Movie

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Donald Glover is one of the few artists to live in both worlds of music and film successfully. His various acting jobs have included his beloved role as Troy in The Community, from which he left and pursued his rap career under the name of Childish Gambino. 

Donald / Childish is a man of many talents. His highly anticipated new show Atlanta will be coming to FX this September and was written, stars, and was produced by Glover himself as a comedy series about two cousins in the Atlanta rap scene. The actor, comedian, rapper, writer, and director is now pursuing the big screen as a movie star in addition to his new show.

It’s been announced that Glover has joined the cast of the forthcoming movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. There was a fan-lead campaign as the hashtag #Donald4Spiderman spread with Glover stating he would be honored to take on the lead role. He explains, “There’s so many screens that have to be filled now, between your television, your computer and your phone, that I think it’s the perfect time to make something that I see, a perfect opportunity to combine everything that media is right now.”

While it’s still unclear what Sony plans for his part in the film, the role of Spider Man has already been filled by Tom Holland. We’re hoping he has some time to drop some new Childish Gambino with all he has going on, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed his collab mixtape with Chance The Rapper sees the light of day soon, but for now stay tuned for his works in film!