UPDATED: Chris Karns & ill.Gates Tease Return of Pretty Lights Live Band

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UPDATE April 3, 11:30 AM MT: Chris Karns has officially released a statement on his social media regarding what the said at Sound Haven Festival. You can watch it below.

UPDATE April 2, 8:02 PM MT: ill.Gates has edited his original comment on the return of Pretty Lights Live Band. He now is saying that Chris Karns was “NOT announcing a return at Sound Haven Festival.” He did say, however, that Pretty Lights fans “should be real excited about PL” and that “he’s not gonna leave us all hanging.” 

Something happened yesterday at Sound Haven Festival in Jamestown, Tennesee, that will give Pretty Lights fans a hefty dose of optimism. Chris Karns, a turntablist and member of the Pretty Lights Live Band, gave a major hint that the band is making a return—and ill.Gates confirmed that it was happening.

This occurred at the end of Karns’ set on Sunday evening, when he said he and the Pretty Lights Live Band were “coming back.” While there have been no posts from Chris Karns or Pretty Lights’ social media after the fact, in a Reddit discussion of the announcement, veteran electronic producer ill.Gates—who’s spent a good amount of time in this corner of the scene—confirmed that “it is ON.” He also added that we “should be VERY EXCITED.”

Neither Chris Karns nor ill.Gates gave further details about when exactly the Pretty Lights Live Band would return. This is, however, perhaps one of the only pieces of hard evidence showing that Pretty Lights will be returning at some point in the future. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A few months ago, Borahm Lee mentioned on a podcast that he was making new music with Pretty Lights.