Chrome Sparks Returns With Euphoric New Single “You Are Love”

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Chrome Sparks‘ production style has always stood out to us. A true artist and visionary, the acclaimed producer consistently manages to spin such simple progressions into musical masterpieces. His last release surfaced in 2022, in collaboration with Flume and rising artist Sycco. Today, he returns with his first solo single in two years, “You Are Love.”

Accentuated by an equally aesthetically pleasing music video (directed by Sam Kristofski), “You Are Love” takes the listener on a euphoric journey. Chrome Sparks’ signature glimmering synths make their welcome appearance in the new single, setting the tone and creating an atmospheric bed for tasteful vocal chops to rest upon.

Chrome Sparks commented on the development of “You Are Love,” saying:

The song I sampled, ‘Her Song’ by Colin Blunstone (singer of The Zombies), is one of my all time favorites. Upon first hearing it, I couldn’t get enough of this one section, so naturally I had to make it tangible. I chopped and pitched and reworked it, and added some extra sounds until I had a simple beat that felt nice. It was sitting around for a bit, and as I worked on new songs, this one just felt like the favorite, I kept coming back to it.

You can stream “You Are Love” at the link below, out everywhere via Counter Records. Enjoy!

Chrome Sparks – You Are Love