Hotel Garuda & Manilla Killa Return As CHROMEBODIES For Second Single “I Could Be”

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Earlier this year, Hotel Garuda and Manilla Killa debuted their joint project, CHROMEBODIES. The inaugural single, “REGENESIS,” was a thumping peak-time techno tune that made sure we were ready for this new duo. Today, the long-time friends keep the energy and vibes all the way up with a high-speed trance single titled, “I Could Be,” featuring Valentina Cy.

A skittering kit drives this tune forward, giving way to Cy’s vocals to siren us into a focused euphoria. Synths layer in one by one, each adding support for the mountain bliss ahead. As vocals and synths are chopped into transcendence we find ourselves bouncing and grooving through the heavens.

One can so clearly envision dancing under technicolor lights without a care in the world while cranking this track. But in case you need some help, CHROMEBODIES has dropped the “I Could Be” official music video, to help you visualize the vibe. Stream the track below and enjoy!

CHROMEBODIES – I Could Be (Ft. Valentina Cry)