PREMIERE | chromonicci. Lets His Early Musical Influences Shine on “Magnetic.”


chromonicci. is a producer that you should definitely have your ears on. The Dallas native is known for conjuring a distinctly funky hip-hop sound that’s simply been dubbed “niccibounce,” and we’ve got the perfect example of this unique sound for you today with the premiere of “Magnetic.

This brand new number is absolutely drenched in a dazzling retro sound. The quick tempo and distorted bass line makes us feel like working up a sweat in a Studio 54-esque club. The most compelling part of this one, we think, is how nonchalant and confident chromonicci.’s vocals sound here. They go perfectly with the hazy groove, and really complete the sonic picture.

nicci gave us the scoop about how this one came together:

Magnetic started off as a crazy idea after a long session one night. It was like 3 AM or so, and I originally sang the melody line of one of the instruments and BOOM, the vibe snatched me right up. I didn’t even break out a pen and paper for this one, the lyrics were a complete freestyle! … I grew up on a lot of Prince and Chaka Khan and my mama had MTV on all the time growing up, so I was really exposed to a lot of that era, and did not hold back at all with the retro flavor.

You can get an exclusive first listen to the new chromonicci. track, “Magnetic,” below. Enjoy!

chromonicci. – Magnetic