Chuckie ft. Gregor Salto – What Happens In Vegas : Must Hear New House Anthem


Today I've got a new house anthem from Chuckie that's filled to the brim with energy, bass, and happy vibes. It starts off sounding pretty standard, then the very catchy bass line pluck comes in which really brings out the magic in the song. It's got a great happy summer vibe, which makes sense with the name being 'What Stays in Vegas'. It's got a nice progressive buildup, then the sample kicks in, and that epic  high pitched house drop comes in. It's got a ton of energy, and has a lot of bass, but the right amount to make it appeal to not just the house fans. Turn up the bass, blast this new anthem, enjoy!

Chuckie – What Happens In Vegas | Stream Only

Chuckie – What Happens In Vegas (Club Mix)

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