Listen To Claude VonStroke’s Quirky Fourth Studio Album ‘Freaks & Beaks’

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Claude VonStroke‘s 11-track album, Freaks & Beaks, has officially landed! We’ve been patiently awaiting this one ever since we heard a handful of tracks teased via his recent Essential Mix. We now finally have access to the full project, and our ears are ready to feast.

Freaks & Beaks perfectly embodies what Claude is capable of in the studio and behind the decks. Each track bumps heavy with thick bass and playful synth worth, with funny little vocal cuts popping up just at the right time. There are some tracks that are charming throwback cuts to Dirtybird’s early 2000’s golden age, while others display some quirky, forward-thinking sound design and bass ideas.

Any fan of Dirtybird will love this album.

Check out Claude’s full Freaks & Beaks album below and enjoy!

Claude VonStroke – Freaks & Beaks