Close Counters Cook Up Genre Blending Grooves On New EP, ‘FLUX’

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Aussie duo, Close Counters, has been a favorite underground group of mine for a few years now. Their one of a kind blend of dance, house, and soul is delightfully dynamic, infectiously fresh, and never fails to make me bounce. We’re stoked to have the Melbourne-based artists on site today for the recent release of their new EP, FLUX, and saying this project is whole vibe would be the understatement of the year.

We first introduced Close Counters to you all when they released EP single, “UP AND OUT,” and its gold tinted groove. We knew then that this project was gonna be saucy as, but now hearing it in full is even sweeter than we could’ve imagined. Tracks like, “SOMETHING IN MY DRINK” and “SPEAK IN TRUTH” tap vocalists, JAYDEAN and Allysha Joy, to float effortlessly overtop the impressively mobile bass lines and razor sharp percussion.  Closing track, “FEEL IT!,” leans into the duo’s kaleidoscopic powers of sound with its shimmering synths and spaced out kinetic jams.

These boys definitely know how to lay down some extra spicy grooves and you won’t want to miss a single second. Experience Close Counters’ new EP, FLUX, by streaming below. Enjoy!

Close Counters – FLUX