Melbourne Electronic Duo Close Counters Drop Groovy Single “Up & Out”


Once in a while, everyone needs a little bit of funk in their lives to just cut loose and vibe along to a righteous bassline and moving grooves. That’s what Melbourne-based Close Counters aim to deliver as they bring together the sounds of house, neo-soul, and disco in fresh and and fun ways. Their new track “Up & Out” takes listeners away with its warm bassline, tight percussion, and fresh synth melodies. 

This is a beautifully layered track with all sorts of grooving, lively synth melodies and harmonies percolating throughout. Shakers, claps, and hi hats make up a complex percussion line that perfectly lines up in response to the bassline, which jumps out of the mix and has that talkative feel that everyone wants their bass to deliver. Accompanying is an 8-person chorus who deliver the euphoric and soulful lyrics on top of this funk ridden track.

Check out this bop of a track in the stream below. Enjoy!

Close Counters – Up & Out