Cloudchord Expresses His Love & Passion For Music On Groove-Filled Album ‘Bloom Bap’

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Producer, guitarist, and beatmaker, Cloudchord, has made a name for himself with his refreshing blend of atmospheric dance music and psychedelic chill hop beats. Earlier this month, he teamed up with Big Gigantic for one of the most irresistible songs we’ve heard this year. This weekend, he’s ready to unveil his latest groove-filled album, Bloom Bap, out now via Nettwerk.

Coming in at an impressive 15 tracks, Bloom Bap is a collection of Clouchord’s smoothest, most lush productions to date. Whether you’re weaving through the clouds on the airy, jazz-filled “Dreamer,” bobbing your head to the smooth verses on “Cryin’ Heart,” or smiling at the pristine cover of “Waterfalls,” Bloom Bap has a little something for everyone. The album features a number of big name collaborators including Emancipator, Big Gigantic, Braxton Cook, ProbCause, Koresma, Birocratic, Ian Ewing, Balkan Bump, and Adam Deitch.

Lucky for us, Cloudchord has embraced the art of music making and has no plans for that to change. He shares:

“I see no reason ever to stop because music is absolutely my favorite thing to do in the world. Music is my spirituality and my quest for truth. It’s always right there if you’re willing to listen for it”

It’s impossible not to hear the love and passion behind the project and it only further solidifies Cloudchord as one of the leading instrumental producers in the game. Stream full the album below and enjoy!

Cloudchord – Bloom Bap