Cloudchord & ProbCause Reunite On Groovy, Chilled-Out New ‘Moonflower’ EP

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The dynamic duo made up of Cloudchord & ProbCause always deliver. Having exhibited an undeniably fantastic chemistry last winter on “Snowflakes“, the two have reunited on a full, fantastically crafted joint EP, Moonflower.

Cloudchord’s neo-soul x jazz sensibilities mixed with ProbCause’s effortlessly delivered, laid-back flows is a match made in heaven. With the goal to “deliver a comforting sense of optimism during a particularly tumultuous year”, the pair have offered up a truly soothing four-track wonder that couldn’t have been more perfectly timed.

So take a minute today to sit back and give Moonflower a spin. We promise you wont regret it. Enjoy!

Cloudchord & ProbCause – Moonflower EP