GRiZ & CloZee Unleash Colossal New Collab “Color Of Your Soul”

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Brace yourselves. GRiZ, the king of future funk, and CloZee, the queen of world bass, have joined forces on a mission to free your mind, body, and spirit with their sweeping new single, “Color Of Your Soul.”

It’s a well-known fact that these two technicolor titans are capable of moving mountains with their music. And when two titans collaborate, their power is nothing short of breathtaking. The tidal waves of sound wash over listeners with a digitized ethos that must be heard to be understood. Senses are stimulated by invigorating highs synchronized with chest-quaking lows. Thunderous percussion bolsters the undulating sound waves, all the while brimming with omnipotent sonic spirit.

All hail King GRiZ and Queen CloZee. Here’s hoping this collab is the first of many. Stream their new single, “Color Of Your Soul,” below. Enjoy!

GRiZ & CloZee – Color Of Your Soul