Coachella Is Now Asking Artists To Play In 2021 Instead Of This Coming Fall

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When the coronavirus pandemic was really starting to ramp up in the early parts of the spring, all eyes were on the big music festivals. After Ultra canceled, the next domino to ultimately fall was Coachella, who rescheduled their festival for October. Today, there have been reports surfacing of Coachella organizers asking the artists to play in 2021 instead of this fall. This would of course mean that the chances for their rescheduled October dates to happen are looking bleak.

Nobody knows for sure when we’ll be able to attend music festivals again. There are some experts who believe that large scale events won’t be coming back until late 2021, but it’s really impossible to say at this time. We do know that festivals will probably be the last piece of society to regain normalcy. This will be a huge exercise in patience for everyone who’s itching to get back to raving again.

H/T Bloomberg