Colorado Votes to Decriminalize, Regulate Mushrooms & DMT


Voters in our home state of Colorado have passed Proposition 122, according to the Westword. This means that the possession and use of certain psychedelic plants and fungi, like psilocybin and DMT, have been decriminalized for people 21 and older. The state also can now create new regulations for the distribution of these substances.

The campaign for Prop 122 declared victory on Wednesday evening. According to the New York Times, votes are still being counted, but it’s projected that the measure will pass.

This is another step forward for Colorado when it comes to regulating substances like psychedelic mushrooms. In 2019, the city of Denver voted to decriminalize psilocybin (followed by Santa Cruz and Oakland in California). Now, they are once again at the forefront of decriminalization (alongside Oregon), this time at the state level.

Reportedly, this approval will put into motion a timeline for creating a legal-access framework for psychedelic mushrooms by late 2024.