common goldfish Makes Incredible Musical Debut with “Feel The Fuzz”


UK based musician common goldfish just released his first single ever, and he’s already blown us away with his sound. His debut song “Feel The Fuzz” is an impressive musical tribute to the ’90s South London grunge sound he grew up with.

There’s such a nostalgic vibe on “Feel The Fuzz.” Upon first listen, the funky bassline and catchy guitar riff capture our attention. The layered, upbeat percussion adds a joyful element that balances the sentimentality of the song. common goldfish’s hazy vocals are the real cherry on top though, to which he adds heavy reverb.

Here’s what common goldfish had to say about this song:

The track embodies the sense of dreamer’s optimism (“the fuzz”) and the feeling that led me to change career paths and pursue my passion in music. We only lead one life, Feel the Fuzz is about helping people see that they should value their experiences over materials and not always seek the easy options in life.

We can’t wait to see what else common goldfish has in store. “Feel The Fuzz” is a must-listen. Check it out using the link below. Enjoy!

common goldfish – Feel The Fuzz