Conrad & Athelo Team Up For Cheery Dance Pop Tune “Okay!”


We have three exciting new artists making their debut on TSIS today. Conrad, a 21-year-old producer from Chicago, and Athelo, composed of Michael Downing and Sven Persson from Nashville, came together to create an infectiously uplifting electronic bop, “Okay!

“Okay!” is reminiscent of a distinct wave of future bass tracks that were sprouting up everywhere in the mid-2010s. However, the sunny disposition of the vocal chops and synth inflections give it a modern flair, offering a refreshing take on the genre. Bright key progressions and choppy vocal samples come together to create an upbeat melody, after which a bouncy bassline kicks in. Combined with the xylophone textures and handclaps, this bassline transforms “Okay!” into a track ready for the dancefloor.

Below, the artists tell the story of how the track came together.

We wrote the initial idea one night, and quickly mapped out the whole song the following morning. In the spirit of its creation, we decided to name this track “Okay!” It’s about embracing spontaneity to create something unique and fun.

This one is giving both nostalgia and innovation. Enjoy!

Conrad, Athelo – Okay!