Conrank Releases Star-Studded, Aggressive Bass EP ‘Rave Day’

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Seasoned UK DJ and producer, Conrank, has consistently put out some of the hardest-hitting dubstep and bass music over the last few years. His diverse musical style and influence has brought him all across the world, including residencies in LA and Shanghai. This past weekend, the Circus Records heavyweight quietly released one of his best EPs to date, Rave Day.

Rave Day pulls together a combination of different heavy-hitting components spanning old-school dubstep, freeform bass, and UK grime. Each track on the EP is packed to the brim with massive energy, aggressive sound design, and big name collaborators. Ravenscoon, Tape B, bàwldy, and DePaoli each lend a hand in their productions to cap off this beauty of a project.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Conrank – Rave Day