PREMIERE | Conrank Joins Bassnectar’s “Viva La Voom” Mix Series With Heavy New Mix

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For the third month in a row, Bassnectar has gifted us with yet another incredible offering. Having already recruited LUZCID and Dorfex Bos to help us prepare for his insane Riviera Maya festival, today Conrank has joined the ranks for his own heavy new “Viva La Voom” mix.

Conrank really did some damage with this latest. Weighing in at just over 40 minutes and absolutely dripping with bass, as a testament to how powerful a producer he is, the UK-born DJ has packed this new mix almost exclusively with his own catalog. Featuring heavy collabs with Zeke Beats, Bassnectar and his team-up with Space Jesus, plus recent remixes of Flux Pavillion, The Prodigy and heaps of unreleased bangers, this is sounding like a basshead’s paradise. Check out Conrank’s “Viva La Voom” mix below and make sure to snag an all-inclusive package to Bassnectar’s Deja Voom Festival while they last. Enjoy!

Conrank  – Viva La Voom Mix


Conrank – Get Loose
Conrank & Drezza – Decapitate ft. Patwan
Conrank – Smash That
Conrank – Special
Conrank x Yheti  – Heavy Flow
Conrank – Inbetween ft. Ami Carmine
Footsie x Conrank – Work All Day x Mother Tongue
Mark The Beast – Covered In Roses (Conrank Remix)
TC – Where’s My Money (Conrank Remix)
Conrank – Lose The Plot
Conrank – Blast
Conrank – Set It Off
Conrank – Hyper Sound
Rusko – Cockney Thug (Conrank Remix)
Conrank – Jetlaggin ft. Messy MC (Bleep Bloop Remix)
Conrank – Pull Out The Laser
Conrank x Son Of Kick – Don’t Make Sense ft. Marger
Conrank – Buk Em
Conrank – Monkey King
Emalkay – Look At You (Conrank Remix)
Conrank – Watch What I Do
Flux Pavillion – Bass Cannon (Conrank Remix)
Conrank – Mad In Here
Conrank ID
Conrank – On Your Mind
Holly x Luczid – Forgotten (Conrank Remix)
Conrank x Drezza – ID
Conrank x Mark The Beast – ID
GucciMen – Kings Napp (Conrank Remix)
Conrank x Zeke Beats – Brainwork
Conrank x Dirt Monkey – Level 8
Conrank x Dirt Monkey – BLT
Conrank – Drum In Time
Space Jesus x Conrank – Meatball Parm
Conrank – ID
Conrank – Carab
The Prodigy – Timebomb Zone (Conrank Remix)
Bassnectar x Conrank – Easy Does It