Covex Captures the Human Experience with Sophomore Album ‘OSCILLATE’

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Finding “a better version of myself by creating this album,” Los Angeles-based producer, Covex, is ready to share his most introspective album to date with the world. OSCILLATE  is one of the more well-thought-out, continuously captivating albums we’ve heard in a long time.

Deep beds of synths and ethereal soundscapes lay the foundation for OSCILLATE. A blend of electronic and pop production, Covex incorporates catchy vocal hooks and acoustic guitar with dance beats and addictive arpeggios. The producer showcases his full range of inspiration and diverse ability throughout the album, and we were thoroughly impressed.

Covex shared the meaning behind OSCILLATE, commenting:

‘OSCILLATE’ can be described as a piece to encapsulate the human experience. Through all the highs and lows, love and heartbreak, abundance of joy and pits of sadness, we can’t experience light without the dark. This album is about finding balance in the in-between and weaving gracefully between the range of emotions we experience.

You can stream Oscillate at the link below, out everywhere via Seeking Blue Records. Enjoy!