PREMIERE | Newcomer Producer Cozmoe Shares Impressive Debut Song “Brand New Day” : Chill House

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Today we’re excited to be introducing newcomer Cozmoe to the site with his debut single! The new artist has been playing in bands for years but launches his solo project today, and it’s sounding amazing. 

“After playing keys in bands for the last decade I found myself on my own last year, so I started learning guitar and sought out to to make organic electronic music featuring mostly melodies as the focal point. I like the aesthetic of using minimal lyrics and letting the vibe of the track determine the interpretation of those lyrics. 

Cliff, the singer from my previous band CliffLight, had sung this powerful hook on and older song where he talks about not playing games because it's a “brand-new day” and it reminded me of my current situation. I really wanted to create a serious but uplifting backing track for that hook, to represent the frustrating past and the positive vibes that I now I have going forward.” – Cozmoe

The atmospheric new songs “Brand New Day” grabbed our attention from the first note and is great throughout. He finds a chill house style with gentle keys and mystical vocal chops making for a unique sound we’re already loving. As his first solo release, the talented artist is showing great promise to be sure to keep an eye on Cozmoe. Enjoy!

Cozmoe – Brand New Day