New Indie Rock Artist Cracker Packet Releases Debut Single “Terrier”


Sometimes music gives us the ability to time travel, and that’s exactly what newcomer Cracker Packet‘s debut single “Terrier” does for us.

The very first guitar strums of the song are treated with a reverb effect that takes us straight back to the early ’00s. It’s easy to imagine this song playing during the opening credits of a movie, or when the main characters are heading out on an adventurous road trip. This is exactly what Cracker Packet had in mind.

Cracker Packet (real name Nick Chrisholm) describes his ideal listening experience as “punting down the highway with your 4-legged friend in the passenger seat.” Swirling synths and his distorted vocals complete the nostalgic vibe. 

Infectious and quirky, “Terrier” is an instant repeat for us. Considering this track is Chrisholm’s first release ever, we’ll be keeping our eyes pealed for his next offering. You can check out “Terrier” using the link below. Enjoy!

Cracker Packet – Terrier